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Word Processing Overview
Video Presentation - length 8:14 minutes
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This video presents an overview of the word processing features of Commercial Complete. Our standalone product, Narrative Complete is integrated into Commercial Complete. The standalone version of Narrative Complete has the same functionality.

The word processor can be used as your everyday word processor, but its real power is its integration with the Commercial Complete real estate database. It greatly simplifies the preparation of narrative appraisals, brochures, marketing materials, etc. It is also integrated with our Investment Analyst income analysis software. Field values from a property record can be inserted into your narrative documents. One important feature is that the field values of a property record can also be changed directly in the word processor. When a change is made, the real estate database record is also updated.

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Commercial Complete Complete is the COMPLETE software solution for real estate professionals. Integrated into this software is a sophisticated real estate income analysis tool, a powerful real estate database, and a word processing component to assist in the preparation of narrative appraisal reports. This software will save time for commercial appraisers, real estate brokers and real estate agents and it will enhance the quality of their work product.
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