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The Efficient Way to Complete an Appraisal
Video Presentation - length 15:00 minutes
A quick walk through of the entire appraisal process; data entry, analysis, creating narrative.
Real Estate Research in the Internet Age
Video Presentation - length 11:00 minutes
The Internet Age has placed a treasure chest of information in the hands of real estate professionals. How to gather this information and organize it for later use is the challenge.
Instant (almost) Narratives
Video Presentation - length 5:00 minutes
How much is your time worth? This short video will show you how you can save time TODAY!.
Commercial Complete Real Estate Database Overview
Video Presentation - length 6:00 minutes
An overview of the real estate database features that are an integral part of Commercial Complete.
Scanning Property Information from Your Office Folders into the Commercial Complete database
Video Presentation - length 5:00 minutes
Real estate professionals gather volumes of information over the years. Here is one way to get some of it into an organized real estate database.
Finding a Record / Applying Filter Conditions
Video Presentation - length 4:30 minutes
Various ways to locate records in the Commercial Complete database.
Managing Images - A Teaching Video
Video Presentation - length 5:40 minutes
Learn how to add images to a property record's image strip and to insert images in your narrative.
Word Processing Overview
Video Presentation - length 8:14 minutes
A overview of the word processing features of Commercial Complete.
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