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Real Estate Research in the Internet Age
Video Presentation - length 11:00 minutes
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The Internet Age has placed a treasure chest of information in the hands of real estate professionals. How to gather this information and organize it for use later is the challenge.

The video presentation shows how pages and pages of detailed information can be quickly gathered and attached to a specific property in a powerful real estate database, where it is on your computer and ready for instant access.

After watching the video, think about it. If you are storing information in file folders or in a "field by field" real estate database, would you be able to efficiently gather the information, as demonstrated in the video? Would you still have instant access to the original sources?

Whether you are gathering information for the Subject of an appraisal assignment, researching comparable properties, or just reading the current real estate news, Commercial Complete will save you time and it will greatly improve the quality of your information.

The methods described in the video can also be applied to other sources of information. Scan your file folders of comps and news clippings directly into the Commercial Complete real estate database. Add PDF files and emails that you have received from other appraisers. The options are unlimited.

Useful online information that can be made part of the property records in the Commercial Complete real estate database includes County information, FEMA flod maps, municipal zoning ordinances, zoning maps, marketing brochures, data/;studies regarding vacancy rates, absorption rates, cap rates, etc. that is provided by Korpacz, Reis, Costar, Grubb & Ellis, and others, news articles, multilist information. The list goes on.

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Commercial Complete Complete is the COMPLETE software solution for real estate professionals. Integrated into this software is a sophisticated real estate income analysis tool, a powerful real estate database, and a word processing component to assist in the preparation of narrative appraisal reports. This software will save time for commercial appraisers, real estate brokers and real estate agents and it will enhance the quality of their work product.

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